Communities like ours are visually appealing because of the careful attention given to the landscape architecture of each homesite. To ensure the overall beauty of the community and protect homeowner investment, the Architecture Review Board is responsible for approving landscaping plans for all single-family homesites.

The abundant use of mature landscape materials gives communities the look and feel of an established, enduring community. For additional guidance as you plan landscaping changes to your homesite, the Southwest Florida Water Management District promotes the use of Xeriscape-type or "Florida Friendly Landscapes.” These are "quality landscapes that conserve water, protect the environment, are adaptable to local conditions, and are drought tolerant.”


A landscape plan and irrigation plan shall be prepared at a minimum scale of 1" = 20' and will be based upon the final site plan and architectural elevations of the residence. The landscape plan and irrigation plan shall be submitted to the ARB with Final Plans (when feasible) prior to construction activities on-site. The landscape and irrigation plan may be included in an application for Master Approval. All landscaping and irrigation shall be designed and installed in accordance with the County Landscaping and Irrigation Ordinance and "ARB Landscape Guidelines."

Minimum requirements for landscaping are as follows:

1. The initial landscaping expenditure on each single-family detached residential unit shall, at a minimum, be an amount equal to one and a half percent (1.5%) of the total selling amount of the dwelling unit including lot price. For example, if the selling price of a home (including lot price) is $200,000.00, then the landscape amount shall be $3,000.00 for that dwelling unit. The foregoing sum is hereafter called the “Landscape Amount.” The Landscape Amount for each lot shall include the expenditures for trees, shrubs, live plant material, including sod and street trees. The Landscape Amount does not include any expenditures on other hardscape items or required irrigation systems. single-family.

The ARB reserves the right to review all landscape plans, unit prices, and quantities to verify compliance with the intent of this provision.